Who Am I?

Learn more about me, my career experience, and my passions.




My name is Darryl Lewis and I am from the greater Philadelphia area. My career background includes 3 years of digital marketing experience. I currently work in an agency as an Inbound Marketer, helping clients diversify their online presence. As a business owner or social entrepreneur, it is crucial to have a strong internet presence. This increases your organization’s credibility among customers. I play a major role in cultivating this trust by creating social profiles, local citations, guest posts, and web 2.0s. In addition, I conduct outreach to blog owners/editors to garner product reviews using personalized email pitches. My clients include a number of small businesses, large corporations, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. They are sprinkled throughout the United States and other countries across the globe.

These countries include:

  • India
  • China
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Spain
  • Costa Rica

I would like to infuse my digital marketing skills within a mission driven organization. I care about causes that affect people of color around the world particularly those of the African diaspora. Additionally, I am passionate about the arts. I have been a visual artist for over 20 years and a performing artist for 8 years. I serve as a guest contributor to a multicultural blog. These engaging posts have gained a decent following as displayed in the Twitter and Facebook posts below: